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Opinion on 2002 for sale


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Hello -


New to the forum but not 2002's. Had a '76 for 5ish years when I was young and now that I'm retired I thought I would find another and do the repairs need to make a good weekend driver with a 5 speed swap, etc. . I've been researching for a few months and have the skills/persistence to get work done. I know of the common issues and I also know asking prices for complet basket cases are often crazy high...


I was curious regarding gut reactions as to whether it's worth the 2 hour drive to check out the craigslist ad below? It appears to be a salvage title which I'm not thrilled about (I understand repercussions), but if a new hood/fender/front nose panel/radiator/alternator might get it back on the road I could be interested especially if they are willing to cut a deal... Based on the experience out there is it likely this kind of damage would have produced serious issues beyond replacing these pieces?





This is a 1976 BMW 2002. This vehicle was crashed in a front end collision. The vehicle starts but does not drive. The radiator and the alternator have been pressed together. This vehicle is made up...


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The damage looks to be repairable, but you need to look every where for rust, if it passes the rust test it looks like a deal at todays prices. If in this day and age on a almost 50 year old car if you can't go see it or hire a knowledgeable person to look at it you can't afford it. On the plus side a 02 makes a great retirement protect.

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In MY opinion, id hold off. If you get it for less than $3, maybe go for it. You’re in Oregon… I swear to god that is one of the best place to get 2002s. Be patient and keep looking! Prices are coming back down or stabilizing in this economy.  The hype is over, people don’t have so much cash to throw around anymore. You’ll find a deal eventually! 

You could even try calling some of the popular 02 shops in Oregon to inquire if they have any customers who are thinking of selling.  

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Dunno if the hood can be straightened, but a reasonably talented body shop can pull the nose out back to its original specs.  The plastic grilles are available new and not nearly as pricey as roundie grilles.  It looks like the headlight bucket is OK, just the headlight itself is broken.  A used hood can be procured for a lot less than a new one.  Radiator is probably toast, but new ones are available, and a good radiator shop could re-core it with a three row core.  


The good:  rest of the body looks good--no rust or evidence of repairs on the inner rear wheel arches, which forecasts a minimal amount of rust.  But check all the usual spots anyway.   The front and rear seats appear to have come from a 635 and are real leather.   And the paint looks good enough to easily match for the hood and nose repaint.  


Don't think it's worth 5k, but for perhaps $3-4k, and if you're reasonably good at the finish bodywork after a shop has properly pulled the left front out for you, it would be worth considering.  


Keep us posted...



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It looks that the damage is small enough so that it wouldn't cause any hidden issues. I wouldn't be worried about that.

But what about the condition overall? It doesn't look too well maintained but the rust is the main question.  From trunk the rear wheel arches look good but that's about all you see from those pictures. Many more usual rust areas to check.

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Love the description by the seller "With a little bit of body work and a tiny amount of mechanical work this car could be returned to new". The leather seats, steering wheel, Weber carb and a few other bits are worth $$$. Everything else that functions would be a bonus (IMO). I would listen to the engine running for any unusual $$$ noises. Why can the engine start but the car cannot drive?

Disconnect the fan/alternator belt and see if you can at lease check the clutch/trans during a short drive.

"Ran before crash" is a good one!  Excellent retirement project either as a fixer-upper weekend driver or a parts car.


PS: Hope you don't live in N. Calif.  This '76 would need way too much work to make it legal to drive.

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