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A quick tale of junk bosch plugs


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did a "tuneup" a few weeks ago with new plugs/cap/rotor/fuel filter/coil but didn't set the dwell or check the valves as both are pretty spot on still.


turned car and after all parts installed and ran a bit rough and bogged down at anything past 4k but i thought i was imagining things. drove the car a few days ago and bogging down/ahrd starting/rough running all still there.


checked the entire fuel system first from back to front all looked clean so i knew the junk russian made bosch wr7dc+ plugs were the next step. i pulled my last plugs and installed them which are ngk bp6 about 8 years old with 10k miles on them problem solved right away


moral of story always use the highest quality japanese parts in your 2002 it will run like a toyota/honda/mazda but drive like a bmw :)

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It also might be a letter in the part number-


wr7dc+ looks like it has a resistor in it.

ngk bp6 does not.   


If you have resistor wires, a resistor rotor, a blue coil, a ballast resistor,

or any particularly high- impedance combination of the above,

you'll get high- speed blowout and misfires at high speed.


I'm not defending the Botch plugs- the generation that broke off

in the head cured me of any need to run them.


And NGK has apparently discontinued the non- resistor -

It should also be a bp6es, 'extended tip' plug...




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On 8/24/2022 at 11:57 AM, Son of Marty said:

In no way am I defending Bosch and their off shore junk, but did you gap the plugs before installing them?


i did gap them to .032 when i installed them but when I measured them today they were closer to .028 that explains partly why they were sucking since my car likes them at around .032

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