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Headliner Separating from Roof

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It seems like the rear section of my headliner is detaching from the inside rear roof section of the car.


I've never worked with a headliner before, so i'm not too familiar with how it's attached. My understanding is the edges are glued with contact cement? Can I just re-glue this portion?





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29 minutes ago, 72MetallicMalaga said:

Can I just re-glue this portion?

You can certainly try but its my understanding that the windshields are removed when attaching a headliner.

Not sure how much room you have with the windshield installed. Maybe possible to use a finger  to apply pressure or maybe fab up a little L shaped something.

Look in technical articles, there's an article on headliner install that may give some useful info


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I re-did mine (it glues onto the lip that the window gasket pops over in a sunroof car) and it did the same thing- became completely detached when we installed the back window.  I’m highly exasperated to say the least and trying to figure out how to fix it without taking the window out and re-gluing it. I had already re-glued it multiple times before window install.  

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Just now, Son of Marty said:

Do you have a sunroof car and the vent tubes at the top front of the trunk?


@Son of Marty I do not, no sunroof and no vents at the top front of the trunk.


I think I might just try to reapply the contact cement on the edges and try reinserting into the rubber "seal" at the edges, and see how it goes.


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10 hours ago, Son of Marty said:

My guess is with no vent tube to the out side air pressure is forcing the headliner to separate, the non sunroof cars take air from the back window to vent to the outside through the 2 oval vents at the top of the trunk.  

Just adding some photos to @Son of Marty’s post. You need these black/gray plastic vent tubes (circled in red) on a non-sunroof car. This creates BMW’s version of “flow-through ventilation” by extracting air from just above the rear window. Sunroof cars either (a.) omitted the tubes entirely, replacing them with plastic plugs, or (b.) stuffed scraps of foam rubber into the tubes to block them.









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Alright I just checked today, and I actually do have the black tubes in the trunk vents, . I'll check for that cardboard piece as well, and do some further digging. I'll try cementing this weekend, and see how it progresses from there.


I drive with the windows rolled down with open rear vents, all the time, and I have a feeling maybe that contributed a bit to this as well.

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