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my sister's '74 2002tii goes out for two drives

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On Friday my sister (she lives in Thousand Oaks, CA) decided to take a couple of cruises in her '74tii ...... she is the second owner and has owned it since 1977.  So she and her husband jumped in and took off ..... she of course did the driving.


First drive on Friday afternoon:   to the Navy Seabee base up in Port Hueneme.  When she drove up to the main gate, the guard recognized the car model and praised it highly.


Second drive on Saturday:   to the Mullin Museum in Oxnard, this time with free admittance.  Again, the '74tii was admired there also (front curb parking !!).

     THEN, she left the museum and headed back to the Seabee Base for some more shopping at the Navy Exchange.  By the time she was parked in front, out walks a customer who walks up to her and says,  "I own one of those !!"  A BMW chat-time ensues and he sees he doesn't own one exactly like hers -- rather, his is a 2002 model.  He's the 3rd owner and is now restoring it to original.  He also owns an '89 635CSI and is converting it to manual transmission.  He's a retired Navy medic and was assigned to the Marines ---  3 tours overseas to 3 different wars --- Afghanistan, Iraq, and somewhere else.   He recently attended one of the BMW fun runs up through the Wrightwood area. 

     Because it is sunny SoCal weather, she drove back to Thousand Oaks via Potrero Canyon ...... as you know, the 2002's love the canyon roads.


Here's a couple of pictures of my sister's '74tii ....... 











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