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I was surfing craigslist locally, and saw this for sale Friday night.  I made him a fair offer (in cash) and said it was good until Sunday.  He texted me this morning and said "When are you coming to get it".


Loaded onto the truck by 1 pm.  Now just waiting for some help to get it out of the truck.  These bikes are heavy - about 800 lbs, so it's more than a 1 man job.


It's a 1978 R100/7.  Seems to run OK - I'll probably get the color tune and digital manometer out to balance the carbs.  Front brake is really spongy - have ordered a front brake hose and will bleed it after hose replacement.  Rear brake is out of adjustment.  Will replace all fuel lines with the proper braided hose.  Ordered new valve covers and a new gas cap.  Don't plan on making any serious mods to this one - it's just too pretty as is.  Previous owner had it for about 4 years, repainted the whole bike 1.5 years ago.  The gold pinstriping was all done by hand.  It's really well done.


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15 hours ago, Kidasters said:

These bikes are heavy - about 800 lbs, so it's more than a 1 man job.

What... lower the tailgate, rev it up, drop the clutch and send it... Evel Knievel ?


Don’t forget to video and post it to YouTube 



Hows the 308 treating you, these days?

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Here's one while I re-arrange stuff in the garage this morning before the rain came.  Apparently, the front wheel was "recalled" in 84, as they were prone to cracking and breaking (aka - really bad day).  I could try and call the BMW motorcycle dealer to get them to honor the recall - but I think that's a low likelihood event.  I've found the correct replacement on e-bay and will try and purchase.  Otherwise, it's lovely and I'm pretty dang happy.  Did Hagerty valuation this morning, and it's credible that I could flip it for around 6K pretty easily.  


The 308 is still problematic Ed.  The high idle issue never went away.  I'm convinced it's a throttle cable issue.  I have the replacement part, now it's just finding time to work on it.  And all the other projects.  I need to retire so I can dedicate time to my fun stuff.






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Quick update.  It's never as simple as you think it will be.  Replaced basically every bit of the front brake:  New cable to the handle, new master and brake light switch, new hose, new hard line.  Got a used caliper, repainted it and got a new piston.  After all that, the front brake now works correctly.  No idea what the problem was.  I tried to do it simpler before - master rebuild kit, use the existing piston, but none of that worked.  


Did a valve adjustment on the bike.  It was set to "Zero" when I got it.  After some fumbling around, was finally able to get the valve gap set correctly.  Tried to balance the carbs, and it's close but still off.  I think they need a rebuild.  So, it's now on my list to ship them off to my guy in Toronto.  Yet another stalled project.  Great.

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