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Has anyone seen these wheels before?

Squid's 02

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Yes, they look like Porsche 944 or 928 Phone Dial Wheels. I have never seen these in a 4x100 bolt pattern. 


I have owned a few 944s and have a set of 924S phone dials in my attic 15x6 with a 5x130 lug pattern. I have thought about getting adapters and trying to make the set that I have fit the 2002 but then these others popped up for sale locally. 


I think the shape of the wheels with the oval holes would provide a good design offset to the boxy shape of the 2002


Thoughts? Anyone good with photoshop?

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I’m not sure if you mean a wheel design to offset with the straight lines of the car or contrast to them, nor whether you mean good or a lot… but these wheels aren’t a popular choice for ‘02s , that’s for sure… wheels are a personal choice and easy to change so it’s entirely up to you. Here’s a photo of an E30 with phone dial type wheels that might give you an idea of what similar wheels will look like on your car.


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12 hours ago, d.hitchcock said:

If they are intended for FWD Volkswagens, wouldn't the offset by wrong for our cars?

Am I missing that info in the ad or is it not there?

Good point. But since many FWD cars have high offsets (technically they are “negative offsets” or, expressed differently, “insets”), such as ET35 or ET40, one can “cure” the inappropriate offset with spacers. For example, a 10mm spacer can turn that ET35 rim into the equivalent of an ET25 rim.







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