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BMW 2002 or Helllppppp...identify this (unused original one)

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Price: $2345678
Location: San Francisco Bay Area of California


It's probably an item some lady bought at the BMW dealership in the late 1970's or 1980's after hers strangely enough went missing after her tune up at Rocky & Bullwinkles 's BMW service here in the San Francisco Bay Area of California (Is my first guess). Being that there is and never was Tommy bar and a tube wrench with a receptor hole in it. One wrench turns the end away from the spark plug (simple stuff).

All are labelled; all are German made and coded; all are basically in as new condition and never ever used; even the little Yellow screwdriver is Heyco made in Germany stuff etc.

Yes I want to list it for sale soon.

But MY QUESTION: What could possibly be missing here (if anything at all).

And what would she have paid for it?

And what's the dang thing worth now-a-days to the guy who wants it?

Yours Jay

!Bf l l 61 r15.jpg

!Bf l l 61 r18p.jpg

!Bf l l 61 r16p.jpg

!Bf l l 61 r17p.jpg

!Bf l l 61 r12.jpg

!Bf l l 61 r14.jpg

!Bf l l 61 r13.jpg

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That's a much more complete tool set than what came with a 2002...IIRC an 02 set had three double end wrenches (the 17mm one cranked to use in adjusting the rear brakes), a medium screwdriver (like the red one pictured), a spark plug wrench that used the screwdriver as a handle, and that was it.  Maybe a pair of pliers--don't have mine in front of me to doublecheck.  And the '02 tool roll was closed with cloth ribbons; no buckle


Your set is more likely either from an NK sedan, or a 2500/2800/Bavaria (don't think they had the plastic housing in the trunk lid for tools) or perhaps an early 5er.  



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BMW K-75 or K-100. Wow Nice one.. Ok I'll check on there for what's missing.

Q: Are these the pliers that would be one of the pieces missing. Found them yesterday (as I wrote I would be at the garage Saturday). Or are these pliers even German as no code on there and are these by chance the ones in the 2002 rolls?

See a few pic's here of pliers.

!Bf l l 61 s1s3.jpg

!Bf l l 61 s1s2.jpg

!Bf l l 61 s1s4.jpg

!Bf l l 61 s1s1.jpg

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