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Please post price, as per my comment in your other thread.


Looks like some great parts, but the faq classifieds are run on clear up-front pricing as a sign of common sense decency among enthusiasts.  

If you would like to auction the items off to the highest bidder, I humbly suggest eBay.

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Is this actually yours? I have seen it for sale a couple places including eBay in last few weeks where the ad was cancelled because the seller claimed the knob was stolen. Now I see you say you have had it for a few years, so someone has some ‘splainin to do. 

Some pictures of this in your actual car would really help to verify it, if you had it in your cars for years I can’t imagine it’s difficult to produce one picture? As a new member here this would be very helpful as well as maybe a realistic price 

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8 minutes ago, 20Alpina02 said:

so there is only one knob in the world? sorry, i didnt know sherlock.. 


i mean whats the issue now? just get yourselves some new ones from alpina and everything is fine. if you want to have a rare knob you have to pay the price for it. you can personal pickup it right at my place so everybody has fun.  thats it from my side. thread can be closed. just PM 

......and its totally fraud.....hahahahahahaha.......another "delete thread" thread....

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