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Mystery Lower Radiator Hose


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E21 M10 block 

Behr Radiator (year?  series?  not BMW?)  (Photo 1)

Lower Radiator Hose (year?  series?  not BMW?)  (Photo 2)


I have a LRH rubbing against the frame and looking quite nasty.  LRHs for 2002s sand E21s don't look like they will fit b/c the radiator outlet is on the side. 

Q:  Any suggestions re:

  • a hose which might have the correct bends, shun the frame, and fit the ticket?  Looks like it might need >4 bends.
  • the BMW series (IF it's BMW) from which the radiator was obtained?  That info might help me find a suitable hose.


Thank you.







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I'd take that hose to Napa they'll have a several hundred page catalog of just water hoses complete with drawings and all measurements. It looks to me like the radiator is mounted to far to the right and you'll play hell to find one with a shorter lower bend than that one, I'd think if you moved the rad over a inch or two that hose will work, obviously you'd need a replacement.  

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Looks like an E21 radiator.  If you can't find a hose that will work without rubbing the frame, you can always clamp a rubber or soft plastic sleeve around the radiator hose to keep it from rubbing against the frame rail.  


I had an A/C hose rub a hole in itself where it chafed against the other A/C hose running along the same path.  Once the hose was replaced and the system recharged, we insulated the two hoses wherever they touched at the clamps.





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I cannot fine any 3 series LRH which will suffice and the drawing is nowhere close to accuracy.  My hose has 4 bends in one direction and 2 in another direction.  The outlet emerges directly from the side and toward the wheel well.  A past owner found a workable hose somewhere, so, it looks like it's O'Riley's, AutoZone, etc. for me. 


I looked up "BMW 2002" in a thesaurus and found only "adapt", "modify", "make do", and "good luck".   

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My Frod came from the Frodplant with an anti- Chaffee 

cover on its upper hose.  Me, I'd go thataway.

And move the radiator thataway, too.

And notching that pinch weld won't cause any

problems, either, if you put a bead of weld along it.

It's only flanged to make it easier to assemble.





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Mystery Hose


Radiator hoses from '89(?) radiator to '75 block do not exist (Duh!).  One hour of browsing at NAPA yielded two hoses which looked close:  late model Ford Escort and Mazda 6.  Upper fit well.  Lower was cut, reduced, twisted 180 degrees, and spliced.  No leaks.  Good to go.  Cheap, old "open slot" clamps with be replaced with new "closed slot" clamps later.





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