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Nos Tii exhaust manifold?


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Looks like it was Schutzed before painting with silver paint from a rattle can.

Numbers on the manifold do not match the BMW tag.

Compare the casting (webbing between ports) to my Tii manifold purchased from the dealer in 1980.  Looks like a turd and will probably smell like one too, once it heats up a bit.





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The manifold came to me in its present condition a number of years ago in a collection of 02 parts.  I had no reason to believe that it is anything other than authentic.  I have concealed nothing, loaded hi-res images of all sides including the tag and casting numbers.  If it’s not right to you then its certainly not for you.  Where you believe the listing to be inaccurate, you should consider pointing it out in a constructive manner instead of slinging vitriol and slander.  Welcome to 2022 where caustic confrontational demeanors rule the day - counter to this forum’s policies I might add.


If the part number and casting number are inconsistent, that is certainly an issue, if the surface finish is inconsistent with old stock manifolds then that’s also an  issue.  I see no signs of carbon internally which would be present if it had been run.  Water damage from previous storage?  Painted at some point to inhibit oxidation?  I don’t know. 


I’ll ask the mod to take this down although it’s not the typical policy. 

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Perhaps - but not intentionally.  As i said above, the part came to me in its present condition.  If the consensus here is that 'they didn't come that way' then I'll defer to the more knowledgeable members here.  And yes I am aware of the meaning of NOS.   I acted to deceive no one.    

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