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Im not sure how that would work... I mean, what we have in mind is a little more modest than a world encyclopedia. I wonder how it works? The idea is intriguing but I think we should be able to manage with just some user-written articles that can be consolodated together in some cases and might stand alone in others. we are still working it out, and hope to get as much involvement and input from the community as possible. Are there any other sites that use that technology that are more narrowly focussed than that? An 02 encyclopedia would be neat, and thats what we are after in any case. :)


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Guest Anonymous

Right, we would want an '02 focused one; I just linked to the wikipedia as an example of how a wiki works.

Basically, users can create a new page (article), or edit an existing one, anytime they want. And (this is the cool part) - the articles are hyperlinked automatically when they contain "wiki-words", which are denoted with [[brackets]]

For example, if I were writing a page on how to replace your brake pads, I might write, "...there are many [[kinds of brake pads]] out there, so choose which ones are best for you. ... this is a good time to [[bleed the brake fluid]] ..."

The Wiki system would automatically make links out of the text "kinds of brake pads" and "bleed the brake fluid", linking to articles which have that title. If no article already has that title, it will put a "?" after it. Then, someone reading my article would be able to create a page on brake pads or bleeding brakes on-the-spot, and it would be automagically linked.

I think this is perfect for a technical guide.


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