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Oil leaks


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I appear to have a few oil leaks going on.

- one in the distributor area, see pic

- another directly above the front suspension see pic

- and there is oil near the guibo at the back of the tranmissioin.


O ring for the distributor issue?

Might I need an oil pan gasket? And

Need new seal for the guibo?


thanks as always.


74 2002 Inka

82 315 Baur




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Looks like an E21--that's a rack & pinion steering box in the bottom picture...The leak in front may be the front crank seal, or valve cover gasket, or the gasket between the upper and lower timing chain covers.  Clean the whole area off real well, then drive the car and look for the oil's origin.  Blowing a little flour or cornstarch over the area will make the leak source more visible.



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