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oil light flashing intermittent at stop light

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What's your idle speed?  Should be around 8-900 rpm.  How many miles on the engine? 


If you have the OEM oil pressure warning light (i.e. you didn't add a gauge), the light will come on at .5 atmos, or 7 psi.  However, if you added a VDO gauge and retained the warning light circuit, it will come on at 1 atmos, or 14.7 psi.  From experience, my 204k mile engine didn't have the oil light come on at idle with the requisite 20W-50 oil and a VDO gauge.


Presume you're running 20w-50 oil, and that the folks that changed the oil put the requisite amount in (4.3 qts when the filter is changed).  If they put in 10W-30 (or, horrors 0W-20), you need to pay 'em a return visit for the correct oil.





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Another possibility is that the time the flickering light started happening is coincidental, and it's just a bad oil pressure switch or sensor. I had a vdo sensor stamped '73 and the warning light would flicker at idle and the needle of the oil pressure gauge would bounce up and down a lot, switched it with a new one and now the gauge reads more steady, it doesn't bounce below the low pressure mark, and the warning light never comes on.


I would say in order of easiness, check the oil level and weight first, then check the switch and the pressure, then look deeper into the engine after that.

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