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One Piece Dash into 1970 BMW 1600 Test Fit

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So I am getting close to finishing the wiring on my 1970 BMW 1600 project and decided to test fit the dash to find the best options for mounting buss bars and the Microsquirt ECU under the dash without interfering with the heater box.  I just wanted to get a sanity check on the fitment of this one-piece dash in an older car.  It looks like there are 4 mounting points on the front of the one-piece dash (tabs left and right of the steering column and two holes left and right on the inside of the glove box opening).  I also have the two mounting tabs near the front of the windshield.  None of these mounting points have screw holes (yet).  The dash is flush with the heater control cutouts, and the gap at the windshield could be narrowed by using the two screw mounting points under the windshield.  Here are some questions I have...


1. Are there any other dash mounting points I am missing?

2. I have an older heater box, what are my options for heater control and heater control bezel mounting?

3. What is an acceptable gap between the top of the dash and the windshield, mine seems large unless I pull the dash towards the front of the car and secure it with the 2 screws?

4. Is there a safe way to remove the lettering on the binnacle so I can use my original knobs?












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I put a one piece dash in my early '68 1600-2.  I installed after the windshield was in and ignored the two screws at the top, which would have not worked anyway because the body had square holes (think they were square, it's been a while) which matched springy push in things attached to the top section of the original 3 piece dash.  No rattles heard up there so far after 2K miles.  I can't see the gap with the windshield installed, so can't comment there.


The holes at the bottom of the dash matched from new to old.  I seem to recall more than 4 but it's been a while...)


I reported earlier about heater controls in another thread but can't recall the details precisely- think I had to use the original controls because of the dimensions in the car body frame at the bottom of the dashboard- the heater power switch slider made the right side control panel frame too tall to fit in the body's sheet metal slot.  I put an aftermarket rotary switch in one of the binnacle holes for fan speed (and later found that the E30 rotary heater control switch looks like a good fit and heavier duty than the one I used, but haven't taken that thought further).  I used a later heater box, which had 3 fan speeds instead of the two on early heaters IIRC- general outside heater box dimensions are the same for either vintage though


No idea about removing the legends on the one piece dash but will listen in if others do, as I've used two of the 4 for other functions and would like to eradicate mine also.

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i'd leave the screws at the front, under the windshield gasket out, it will be easy to remove the dash if you ever need/want to...they don't make any difference in the dash stability anyway


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I wouldn't put a one piece dash into an early car. I'd rather have the original dash, even if cracked. The one piece dash was created by BMW to lower production costs. It doesn't look as good, and it's more difficult to maintain, repair and remove / install. If one part cracks, you got to replace the entire thing.

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