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New 2002 Owner! Stuck with a throttle problem...

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Hi everyone - I'm new to the 2002 world! Recently my buddy and I rescued a 1974 (non-tii, carb) from a field here in Montana. 2002FAQ has been a huge help for me.


We have slowly over the last four months refreshed the engine and screwed everything back together. The car starts and runs and it's ready to drive, except for one problem. We're missing a final piece - we're short a part (or maybe two parts?) of the accelerator pedal linkage. I've run a number of searches here to see if we can identify the part we need, but I think my lack of familiarity with the car is holding me up.


We have the rod that directs upward from the pedal pivot on the floor and into the engine, but the part of the linkage that hooks up with the carb is missing. As far as I can tell, it seems to have a Weber 32/36 with the manual choke (correct me if I'm wrong on that), but the linkage bracket on the carb side seems to differ from what I've seen here for other Weber 32/36s. I'm attaching some photos here, including the little tag that came on the carb, if that helps to identify it.


Any help you guys can offer to find out what part we need would be awesome! Looking forward to getting this old guy back on the road!









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Pretty nice lookin field find, good job!

you need a throttle shaft, probably a return spring as well.

Go to RealOEM.com.  Enter the cars VIN, click on “pedals” to get an idea of what’s needed


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I have a couple of carbs with those little tags but I don’t think they are that helpful  to find the model number.  It should be stamped on the bottom of the carb as shown below.  This website has a nice chart of the various common model numbers.



Looking for information on Weber Carburetor Identification and Model Numbers? Then come read about it at...





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Wow - thanks everyone, I really appreciate the responses. It looks like we've managed to find a replacement for the connecting rod. @Einspritz if we need something else, I'll let you know - we do have the plate in the firewall with the rubber bushing, and, @tech71 I think we have the return spring, too. I'm attaching a photo of the spring below. @bluehills2002 thanks for the Weber info!


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Also, we're really happy to have found this survivor. It's rusty in the usual places, some of which we already had repaired before the engine went back in. And, it's clearly had a bit of a hard life - but it will be looked after with more care from here on out!

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