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20th Annual 020202 Show and Swap - Feb 5, 2022


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Checking to see if anyone attending has a good drive line for a 4 speed they would be willing to bring. Also looking for a late model cigarette lighter and long console shift surround with boot and downdraft throttle linkage. Thanks and see y'all Saturday!

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3 hours ago, Teelinger said:

@roadhog0 hopefully you've still got my tranny in the garage 😆. I need to come by and pick that sucker up.

Last I checked it was still there 😂 

I've got some grills, some bumper parts, and maybe some other random stuff to bring. We'll see how excited I get to go pull parts out (and what the weather decides).

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Excited to finally make it to a meet!


Anyone have any stock seat sliders? I need some for a Recaro install. 



I have some random junk to bring:

Stock steel wheel

Weber 32/36 of unknown condition

Vacuum Distributor



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I will be bringing Italian Weber 40 DCOE2's, side draft intake manifolds, sun visors, various speakers never installed, e36 center console, couple sections brand new knee trim, and whatever else I can find!


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I'm hoping to come up but wanted to see if there’s interest in:


14” wheels With studed tires

72 rear window clear (defroster dead)

4 stock wheels, hubcap style

320is Steering Wheel

4 lever heater box, nice condition the valve is working













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