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Introduction Atlantic Blau 1975 2002 from The Netherlands

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After lurking for a while it is time to properly introduce myself.


Hi I am Bas and I own a Atlantic Blau 1975 2002.

Bought the car in the middle of the Covid pandemic, from Germany, unseen trusting the sellers reviews on mobile.de and the inspection from a ‘independant’ German expert…..





The car was ‘restored’ in 2018 in Portugal. It was put back together with only a limited amount of original BMW parts and one eye closed. Looked decent on the pictures though….


The cylinder head was ‘overhauled’, the car had a ‘valid’ German tuv and so on.


upon first inspection I encountered about 10 - 15 issues to get the car properly road worthy, from a non working fan, horn, heater, leaking exhaust lots of small bits and trim missing to a 1600 carb and exhaust manifold fitted and many more…..It may have been a parts source for an orange 2002 Tii the seller also had for sale (lots of orange spray dust on various parts).


I was looking for a hobby car anyway so I guess I got what I bargained for. Luckily I have my trusted friend who is an BMW 02 expert to rely on.


there is plenty to like as well

- virtually no rust !

- matching numbers

- factory sunroof

- powerful 2 liter engine


about a year in I tackled many of the issues:

- got all the mot stuff sorted

- fitted new wheels and tyres

- fitted adjustable koni shock absorbers

- fitted a tubular exhaust manifold and 2 inch exhaust system

- fitted a set of Solex PHH 40 carbs

- fitted steering wheel

- redid the trim with the correct fasteners

- and many many other small things


- sorting out more stuf

- build a tuned engine. Got a really nice m10 2 liter which I will build 1:10 compression, 292 cam, exhaust, Dual Solex carb PHH40 or maybe 45

- 5 speed gearbox 

- maybe brake upgrade front

- diff upgrade

- interior upgrade


I collected e decent amount of spare parts and other 02 stuff I might need in the future. If I do not need the stuf I might pass it on to another enthusiast.








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43 minutes ago, JsnPpp said:

Wow! Super clean car and love the color. Looks like it found the right home with you 🙂

Is that a pop up camper you are pulling with it? Perfect!





no pop up camper, just an old and small bagage trailer.


no pulling things with the 02 either. I have a different car for that purpose



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Nice to see proper Altantic Blue paint, looks great with those rims.  It appears the vacuum advance/retard on your distributor isn't connected, so your advance curve is mechanical only.  You might consider adding a 123 Ignition Bluetooth distributor to your list of upgrades, so you can dial in the curve for that new motor.  It would also help the performance of what you have currently installed.


Welcome to the family.



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Hey Bas! Welcome! Your car is beautiful; you've done some great work on it. I agree with Mark above, the color looks perfect with those wheels. As you might have seen during your time on this site, there are many knowledgeable and helpful contacts here, and as well as guys like me who enjoy learning what I can from them. Keep up the great work!


Take care,



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A belated welcome to the '02 fraternity/sorority and to the FAQ.  It appears you've done all the hard stuff to a car that was previously a "30 foot - 90 pointer" ---that is a car that would score 90 points at a concours--from 30 feet away.  Often the result of buying car without seeing it in person.  But you've done very well with it, and not only does it look great, you have everything working.


A small suggestion:  you need to connect the valve cover vent either to one of the carb intakes or to a catch can.  Otherwise you're gonna have very fine oil spray all over the engine.  With the original carb setup, that vent would have been connected to the original air cleaner with a rubber hose.


Cheers, and again, welcome



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8 hours ago, visionaut said:

Welcome Bas!


Liking the creativity with those screens applied on your sidedraughts (are they zip-tied kitchen/bar strainers?)



The zip tie is now replaced by stainless hose clamps. They are actually Thea filters (cheap and effective). Unfortunately the shop where I bought them discontinued the product.


luckily I have one or two spares….


thanks for the warm welcome guys!

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Dear Mark,


thank you for the tip. I will consider upgrading the ignition system.


Car was repainted and the colour is slightly lighter than Atlantik Blau. My expert friend has an original paint atlantik Blau which is considerably darker…


picked up cylinder head, new valve guides installed, ready to reassemble 



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