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And now for something completely different


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Well almost, it's a crackin 69 TC 2000 and a proper motor of the like with a twin carb 2.0 litry under the Aloo-min-E-um bonnet and a bangin 4 speed. Not to mention the 4 wheel independent suspension and 4 wheel disc binders.  


Taking a break from the wankin madness that be those 70's Gerry motors. 


Tally Hoe Chaps! 



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But what do I know

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Very cool! I am enjoying the education about other BMWs from the 60s and 70s I am getting from this site. Seems like there's always another model or variant I am learning about. 


Any idea what these 2000 TCs weigh? I am sure these are fun to drive regardless, but just curious how much heavier it is than an 02 and how that and the longer length would affect the driving dynamics. 

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Great design features....word is that Citroen sued as it looked too much like the DS...great body structure - ALL panels bolt-on including roof, hood & trunk are alloy. Front suspension has fulcrum point so springs bear horizontally against the body tub, rear suspension is a full de-dion layout with variable-length cross-tube.

The 2 & 2.2 litre engines not very exciting, but buick-derived V8 makes a great car.


I grew-up with these, a friend had a 2.2TC...we always lusted over the V8...unfortunately they rusted terribly

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'59 Morris Minor, '67 Triumph TR4A, '68 Silver Shadow, '72 2002tii, '73 Jaguar E-Type,

'73 2002tii w/Alpina mods , '74 2002turbo, '85 Alfa Spider, '03 Lotus Elise

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 my dad had a Rover P6 3500 when I was in junior high.  BRG over tan leather.  thought it was a pretty cool car!  triple hood scoops and a V8!


It was replaced with a Mercedes 280 SEL 4.5, then by the time i got my license, a Jag XJ12L, also in BRG over tan.


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@conkitchen I see your 2000SC and raise you a V8-powered 3500S, albeit with a 3-speed slushbox . . . . my girlfriend and I bought it for our latest Lemons Rally ride, got it going and won the rally on points. Interesting car but not totally our style. It's for sale for cheap, search Facebook marketplace in Santa Barbara, CA, won't sully 2002FAQ with links to FB.





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Chris A.

---'73 BMW 2002tii road rally car, '86 Porsche 944 Turbo track rat, '90 Porsche 944S2 Cab daily/touring car, '81 Alfa Romeo GTV6 GT car/Copart special, '99 BMW Z3 Coupe daily driver/dog car, '74 Jensen-Healey roadster 
---other stuff

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