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Tii no start after belt fan and rad replacement??

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Hey there,


Recently resurrected a long sitting 74tii with unsticking kfish valves and doing all new lines tank and pump


Car ran, not great, but ran so moved onto new radiator, hoses, kfish belt and alt belt. Got the car to top dead center on the pully and the kfish and thought all would be good. 

Car puffs like it wants to start but won’t catch. I thought maybe I was once around off so tried moving kfish 180 off and it seemed worse so went back to how I had it. Notches on pulleys lined up. Cold start is working. 

What else could I have messed up? I changed nothing else. 



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Did you remove the lower crank pulley to replace the KF belt, then moved to engine to TDC on #1?  Then you might have installed it 180 degrees off. The (4) bolts that hold the pulley to the crankshaft sprocket have a slightly rectangular pattern.


Note that same pulley can be installed backwards!  BTDT.



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Ran like how? driveable? How is your fuel filter? In tank screen? I think Tii's have those too. Cold start fueling is verified how? I'd go over belts & timing again - 1 cyl tdc valves closed... Sure you didn't have spark plug wires removed - firing order is as it should?


Someone is going to want pics

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Thanks so far everyone. I only took off the pully for the fan and not the crank so was able to keep that all correct! Kfish I have tried at top dead center from the crank Pully and went ahead and did 180 off just to see if it was better. My original setting was better. 

I have the air box off so can see the spray from the cold start valve which I have on a switch from previous owner. There is fuel there. 

No changes to ignition. Wires all on. All new filters lines and pump and clean tank. That’s how I got it up from its long slumber a month or so ago. 

Puffs constant like it wants to start but no dice. Car started and idled fine before belts fan hoses and radiator. 

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The cold start on a tii is mostly reliant on the cold start injector, the kugel pump takes a few turns to get itself up to pressure & start injecting.

So, since you say the CSI is working then your problem is elsewhere. Ignition....fouled plugs? Weak spark? Timing?

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You have, of course checked the ignition side for proper operation: 

  • with the ignition on, if you pry open the points with a screwdriver, do you see a tiny spark?  If so, spark is getting to the dizzy from the coil.  
  • Then pull a plug, reconnect it to its plug wire and lay it atop the valve cover.  Then have someone crank while you observe the spark.  Nice fat blue spark, or little wimpy yellow one?  If the latter, you need to take care of that.  Possibly that resistance wire that comes into play on squarelights when the starter is engaged?  They're not needed if you have a blue coil, which has its own internal resistance.  

Just make sure you have a good, properly timed ignition before delving into the fuel system.



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Here's the two least-likely solutions, which is exactly what happened to my dad, and then many years later happened to me:  Condenser and Points.


SO, do you have points and condenser ??  If so, replace the condenser. 


Then check the point gap.  A too-small gap will prevent starting.  (that's another long story about how I earned brownie points knowing about that solution). 






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Yeah, plugs. 


And there a couple of places that look correct for the kfish pump.  Jim and I were helping dude get his tii started- similar sounding issue.  He had used a mark for the timing of the pump, but it wasn't the correct mark.  At least I think that's what it was- I've hit my head several times, so, take it for what it's worth.

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Just to be clear, a 2002tii WILL run with the injection pump put of time, but it won't run well.


Think Bosch CIS/K-Jetronic that continuously injected fuel to all of the cylinders, and the early D-Jet and L-Jet EFI setups were batch-fired. Sequential fuel injection is great for emissions and efficiency, though.


As others have mentioned, check your ignition system first. It is possible that your spark plugs are fouled from running only at idle/when cold.

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