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Looking at Rebuilt 2002 Head

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I'd confirm the thickness of the head, and if seller is trust worthy, I 

would buy it before someone else does. I have recently sold used 318 heads like this for 200-250 dollars.

This is already taken apart, so you could take it to a machine shop, have them double check and put in a cam that fits a 2002. I'm assuming it has a cam with teeth that don't match an 02 distributor.

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I wouldn’t touch that . $485 for what? That guy is either  shady, ignorant or both.

Why the interest in a 1:8 head? On a 2L engine they only work with flat top pistons  and tha cam gear is cut backwards.

Guys feed back has at least 3 negative reviews for “scrap “ cylinder heads

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1 hour ago, Labphoto said:

What’s involved in fitting a 2L head? Is it a direct fit?

What engine are we talking about here? 2L or 1.8L?

From a 2002 0r an E21 320i?

More to the point, what do your piston tops look like?

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Did you not notice the big gouge out of it? And whats going on with the front intake surface? I'd be very hesitant to buy a used head without the opportuniy to have it checked, unless from reputable seller. As above, thickness needs to be within specs. 

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24 minutes ago, Labphoto said:

I was having a hard time determining if it was a 1.8L or 2.0L, thank you for clarifying 

By definition, a 2002 is 2 liters, an 1802 is 1.8 liters, and a 1602 is 1.6 liters. Notice a pattern developing? OK, a 1502 is also 1.6 liters, but with a lower compression ratio than a 1602… 😯🤫😉






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