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SOLD FS: Dual Weber DCOE 40 Setup

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Price: $600
Location: Houston, TX


Please see pics...  these came on my car last year and ran rich but performed well.  All I know about them is the engine was rebuilt by Terry Sayther and these were added then.  Info on the carbs includes: "TIPO 40 DCOE 151", "No. 286 17" and "Made in Spain".  All the parts related to this setup are included: carbs, KN intakes, air filters, fuel pump block off plate, coolant diverter valve, electric fuel pump, and a cable accelerator linkage setup.  The carbs synch by the linkage between the throttle plate shafts and a plate has to be welded/bolted to firewall for the cable link to accelerator linkage arm.  If I was keeping them I would have switched to the @halboyles type linkage.  I'm not up on dual 40 setup so you and your mechanic please figure out if this is for you.  Price is $600 + shipping...  thanks!

02 Parts-1448.jpg

02 Parts-1441.jpg

02 Parts-1443.jpg

02 Parts-1442.jpg

02 Parts-1444.jpg

02 Parts-1446.jpg

02 Parts-00530.jpg

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