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Schrick 316 Camshaft Question


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It's been a long time since I visited the forum.  But fun to read through some of the posts again.


My question is this.  A Schrick 316 camshaft is hollow and internally oiled.  If you were to install one of them, would you still keep the external oil rail installed and in use?  


Thanks in advance for any advice.



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Hey Court,


I would think so (but haven’t run one) - only based on wanting the assurance of fully lubricating the rest of the upper components supplied by the rail. Does the internal cam oiling reach/supply the full upper valve train assembly?


It doesn’t ‘cost’ to leave it does it? (performance, weight, fit…)  I can’t imagine it could actually over-oil it.


Ken, Byron, Toby et al will know best tho


good to see ya,




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You run the 316 without the spray bar.  You get much better oiling of the cam/rocker contact point with the "center oiled cam".  If you leave the spray bar you just lower the oil pressure in the system (mostly at lower engine speeds when the pump is turning slower) and you will starve the ends of the rocker shafts and rockers as well as other parts of the engine.  You will also increase the amount of oil flying around under the valve cover and probably find you have a lot of oil coming out of the breather into the catch can.  This also means you have less oil in the pan and you will probably find you have a oil starvation problem under hard braking and left hand corners.   

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But then you have those of us that run restrictions in the oil passage to the head to combat pooling during the long sweepers when using a conventional solid cam. Hollow cams and restrictors together is a bad idea. We get away with running the spray bar along with a restrictor and a hollow cam with no mayor pooling at tracks with long righthanders, but at more conventional, technical track layouts, no restrictors or spray bar with a hollow cam, as Preyupy said. 

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