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SOLD Weber 38/38 Cold Air Intake Solution

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Price: $899
Location: Federal Way, WA


This custom Weber 38/38 cold air intake solution for the 1968-1976 BMW 2002 M10 engine was hand-crafted by Road Rockets, a BMW tuning shop located at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, Calif.


Per the builder:

"The carburetor has been re-jetted. A custom EGR port block-off plate & gasket has been added. A phenolic insulator base plate with gasketed surfaces has been installed.  This insulator is valuable is reducing the heat absorbed from the intake manifold by the carburetor, thus keeping the air passing through cooler, more dense, thus making more power, compared to just bolting the carb directly to the manifold.

An upgraded carb without the cold air intake and just mounting one of those rectangular chrome filter housings atop it that draws warm air from within the engine compartment undermines your performance by compromising the density of the air supply. The other downside of those is the loss in the volume of air that you can draw as the actual filter surface area of those filters is a fraction of the stock cold air intake.

Note: It is important to reuse the original short, double-studded rubber mounts on the circumference of the filter housing in conjunction with the original steel brackets (see picture) to provide additional stabilization for it.

Pre-tuned and tested with the following stats:
Idle 45
Main 145
Air 170
ET F50
Vent 26
AV 4
Pump 70"

Includes seals for manifold. Manifold, carb & custom parts all new. Cold-air intake base used.

(please note, I'm out of town this week and will return on 10/7.  Can ship immediately after that or show it to you if you're local.  Thanks)





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