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Bumper Overrider Divit

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I have 2 replacement rubber pieces for my 73 'Pointy' overriders.  These do not quite fit due to the absence of a divot on the inside of the rubber piece to allow for the round bolt head to fit inside.


Is there a tool or method for opening up a divot for the bolt head.  Plan b would be to use the originals.



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The OEM bolt is a carriage bolt (if you know what that is). The head is not a std bolt that a wrench fits on.  It has a hemispherical head and the bolt shank has a square just below the head that fits in the square hole in the chrome piece. 

The rubber should fit if the bolt is a carriage bolt.

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It is a carriage bolt.  The term escaped me while posting.  The original had a divot on the inside that coincidently was the inverse of the carriage bolt.  It appears to have been part of the mold.  I am going to try Toby's recommendation.  So off to Lowes to see if they have this.



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