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Non tii, downdraft carb, bottle caps standard 2002 sells for


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I WAS curious as to how this one would do for the aforementioned reasons… 

While it does have some very popular upgrades and has been pretty comprehensively gone through the cosmetic restoration is not fresh and has some issues as evidenced by the photos. The front spoiler I’m also not particularly fond of as it’s been fully integrated into the nose; it makes one wonder how much Bondo was used. Also, Chamonix? While I personally like it, it’s not one of the most desirable/popular colors by any stretch of the imagination.


Does this suddenly make my comprehensively restored, big bumper Sahara tii worth $100K???😂😂😂


And, why didn’t the nice driver Polaris ‘72 tii with a fresh Tighe built engine that Ryan put up for sale a couple weeks ago only reach 46K??? 

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Very simple answer ....
+bare metal restoration.
+tasteful upgrades.
+clean/pure early styling.


it’s the 02 Perfect Recipe.  Not perfect, but strikes the heart, not the “safe investment” strategy.


also, channeling my inner Slavs... I don’t like it (the selling price), not one bit.

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