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Sunday Morning Question - what supplemental guages do u use?


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Hello -- simple as the title suggests

 -what supplemental gauges are you using?  If you have limited space to add gauges, how did you decide what is the most important to you to monitor?

- I grew up with VDO gauges for oil pressure, voltage and one other I can't recall.  These were mounted in the center console.  Never been a fan of hood or steering column mounted gauges myself.



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well....bmw already provided an accurate coolant temp gauge in the cluster, so not that one...


oil pressure, oil temp, AFR.


but...if they are important to monitor they need to be where you can see them.  up on the dash.  center console is a useless place to mount gauges unless they are just for decorative purposes.  you can't see them while driving.  have to look down and move your arm.  even then they are angled wrong.

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Oil pressure:  sender replaces the factory SNOP light sender (SNOP= Sorry, No Oil Pressure)

Oil temperature:  drilled and tapped dimple in the oil filter housing--measures oil temp fresh out of the pump

Voltage:  connected to the "ignition on" terminal on the ignition switch.


Mounted atop the dash, replacing the seat belt sign and covering its mounting hole.  Have been working just fine since 1987.



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Oil temp is informative-

if  you're driving hard, it's good to know it's 

up before you use all of the engine.

Cold oil at 6k rpm is not a good lubricant.


For a daily, it's just good enough to know that

you need to let water temperature be up

for about 5 minutes before you beat on it.


If you want the pistons to last.

And #3 conrod to stay in it.




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