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1968 BMW 1600 Sold in Beverly Hills

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Poor thing....the "storage" it's been sitting in for the past 15 years (per the ad) must have been an open carport with a dirt floor next to the ocean.  That rust is definitely "salt air" (vs road salt) pattern rust.  The decent original interior is all that's salvageable.  Looks to be overpriced by a factor of ten--or even twenty.

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Pretty entertaining, they had a while back a '69 911s (for what price I don't recall), the floors and other were so bad they were literally holding the car together with a couple of ratchet straps.  Anything is restorable of course, just depends on how much time and money you have.

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2 hours ago, rstclark said:

Check their inventory  They’re notorious for junk


I’ve been there … fascinating place. Inside the multiple, connected buildings are thousands of vintage European and US muscle cars. Many are rough, and some - well - they seem to have no lower limit to what they will buy and sell. (Better there than the crusher, I believe.) It’s an example of capitalism plus a layer of used-car-dealer-salesmanship -> if they produced a YouTube channel, they’d make bank.


That said, a patient, informed buyer can find what they’re looking for (I had a customer find a 2000CS in surprisingly-decent-and-low-rust condition). -KB

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