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Supercharged FAQer

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I'm looking to supercharge.  Not Turbocharge.  Supercharge.


(1) Yes, I used the search function.

(2) Yes, I found the 2013 thread. Ancient news.

(3) Yes, I found the Hyde advertisements from 2020.  Forgive, but I don't trust anything from 2020.  As Steel Panther says, "F... 2020."

(4) No, I haven't yet paid to avoid the Norwegian Cruise Line ads on the FAQer site.  I'm seeking FREE advice.  I understand, you get what you pay for. 

(5) Nice suites, by the way, on the Norwegian Lines - perfect place to catch a breakthrough case.  Wonder if Steve gets a comp'ed suite?  No disrespect - just curious.  He deserves a suite.


Knowledgeable supercharged FAQers are welcome and greatly appreciated.  Curious minds want to know - can one reasonably supercharge an M10?  What say ye, '02 Gurus?


Peace and Love.  Follow the Plan - best regards, 2002Shaman





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I have an late 320i 1.8 that I am fooling around with , going to supercharge it, with a blow thru system like a Vortech  Had some oversize flat top low compression pistons that I am going to use for this, the intake is already set up to take injectors, just have to figure what ones that I am going to use .    Will have to probably modify the mounting set up        This is a very long term project, I work on it every once in awhile.    Lot's of other projects on the go as well as customers cars.      Lots of little things to think about.


Thanks, Rick



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