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Anyone know where I can get some of these


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These are the plastic gromets that go on top of the stock seats where the headposts go.  The white plastic washer is a push washer that secures the under side of the vinyl to the gromet.  One of mine cracked.  Currious if anyone might have a few to spare or know where to purchase.  Blunttech couldn't find it on the parts catelogue.




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The 1975-76 ‘02 seat is simply an e21 seat, designed for the new model, first introduced, in its Euro-spec form in spring 1975.


Thus, the e21 parts sheets provide your answer. Those washers are Item 2, Covering Lower, in the attached parts listing (PN 52101838969). I hope they remain available for you. Amazingly, the headrest supports’ guide sleeves, Item 3, Sleeve, remained available in 2015, when I had my spare seats redone.


Good luck and best regards,







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