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Marchal Amplilux pn 612 85003 - will they work?


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Anyone familiar enough with Marchal lights to say if their Amplilux headlights pn 612 85003 will work in an 02? They are supposedly 178mm bulbs, but they don't look to be flat faced like the 612 82903s. Here's what they look like:



And here's the 612 82903 for comparison (pic stolen from Conserv):





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If they're 7" diameter, no reason why they shouldn't work.  You might have to make a wiring harness adapter because I don't think the Ampilux units use the same 3 prong plug as US sealed beams, or even H2 Euro halogen bulbs.  Just remember that US style headlight buckets aren't enclosed, so those Euro plastic "dog dishes" that clip to the back side of the buckets won't protect those expensive Ampilux beam units from the weather.  


Back in the day, before two filament halogen headlight bulbs were developed, those Ampilux headlights were the craved item--and I saw 'em on 2002s...



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1 hour ago, NickVyse said:

I was lucky enough to buy some pretty cheap with 02 fittings and yellow lenses






Your lights look like the same glass pattern as the 82903 - is the front of the lens flat or convex?


Looking at other pictures of the 85003s I can see where they have mounting tabs that stick out that would have to be dealt with.


If they auction off cheap enough I may buy them just to try out. 

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The subject pair (85003) with rounded lens - they are early Amplilux, I'm not familiar with their performance versus the later flat ones.  I expect it is similar...  the tabs are for another mounting style, they are not designed with the three stand-off tabs matching the slots in US Lights.  I suppose they 'could be made to fit' with some creative modification.  The critical part, as I was JUST reminded, is the stuff sticking out the back- it is tight inside the bucket.  That bulging black dust cap under the red hat is for the high beam bulb access, it sticks out a bit further than you'd like it to.  I'd suggest a ring to go between the light and the bucket, maybe 1/2 inch or more tall, with three rectangular mounting tabs on the back, and threaded holes in the front to mount the light to the car.   Sealed beams are smaller, the buckets were designed for them.


The later flat lens Amplilux (82903) are rare and fragile- this is why I have a source for headlight film in the correct size to protect them from rocks... I can get plenty, so anyone who has nice lights and wants to keep them free from harm, get in touch.  This stuff sticks directly to the glass, does not get brittle or foggy over time, and is tough. 


Anyone need a pair of headlight film for protection against the rocks and crap on the road, $20-25 per pair.  12 mil or 20 mil clear, and 12 mil yellow tint.



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