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Source for a leather/leatherette shift boot for my 1974 tii?


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I had my clutch replaced recently and after the shop tightened up my very loose and floppy center console (w/AC) the car pops out of 2nd and 4th gear.  They have tried a number of things including another new boot, adjusting the shifter base back till it almost touches the e-brake, and checking all linkage components.  It is very picky and I am giving up on the stock rubber accordion style and am looking for a leather version that will not put so much stress on the shifter.   Any suggestions on where I might source one that will be easy to install and remove? 


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Sounds like you have bigger issues that leather boot isn't going to fix.


The first thing I would check is to make sure the shift platform is centered in the hole in the floor.


Then I would check the engine and transmission mounts. The engine and transmission might be moving back and knocking the shifter on the body.


Also the rubber shift platform mounts are very hard to see if they are bad without removing them.

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Thanks, all!


I think it is definitely an console alignment problem.  

It worked fine and after the clutch and heater blower was repaired ($$$$).  However, I returned it due to the console being very loose - but no shifter problem. They adjusted the console and had to repair some of the plastic tabs that had broken ($).  After that I picked it up and the console was nice and tight, but that’s when it started popping out of gear.  

I took it back and they tried adjusting the console and still couldn’t fix it so they figured it had to be the shift linkage which I had just rebuilt.  They took it apart and everything was good there - so after that($$)  they gave up.  

so I figure it is the way they monkeyed with the console - and I’m done for now.  I’ll just get a leather boot and  be done with it. 

Here is a picture of what the 4th gear shifter position looked like before the latest effort…


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