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Help removing glass from flag mirror frame

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I searched the FAQ, but never found anything definitive, just some guesses and no confirmation of what works, if anything.


I have a driver flag mirror with great glass, but a really scratched up metal frame.  I also have a driver flag mirror with a nice frame, but the glass has some scratches and blotchiness just from aging over the decades.  I'd like to "marry" the great glass in one mirror to the nice frame in the other and create one "best of both worlds" flag mirror.


Is there a safe and proven way of separating the glass part of the mirror (along with the plastic surround I assume) from the frame and then secure it back on another mirror frame?  Or are these semi-permanently glued in or otherwise in some way attached making this a non-starter?  I also don't want to slice open my hand or otherwise end up in the ER while attempting this so I'll punt if this is just too delicate or risky of a procedure.




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You're probably gonna break the glass trying to remove it, but a good glass shop can cut you a new piece and shape it so it's a press fit into the frame.  Tape the broken pieces together and give the shop the empty mirror head so they can size it correctly.


Spray a clear coating on the back of the mirror glass to prevent it from peeling.  You can then glue it in place with white silicone adhesive, and tool the silicone with your finger to form a gasket around the edge.  I did that with my swan neck mirrors and they look very good.



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First of all,  make sure that you are using exact manufacturer mirror companies to swap parts. There are 2 manufacturers and the glass is different sizes and components do not interchange.

If you have the identical mirrors, break the mirror out of the one with the bad mirror,that will give you a good gasket then take a razor blade and just cut the gasket out of the other so then you'll have a good mirror. so, you'll end up with one good mirror and one good gasket. Put it back together.

Good luck, i just did this job yesterday.

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