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ISO California Gas Nozzle -Filler Fix


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Have you tried the trick where you simply hold the pump handle upside down, pointing the hose up, instead of down while pumping?


That typically works for me, when I need to buy gas at one of the stations with that style pump.  The CENEX that has ethanol free gasoline also has the old school pump handles.


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What I do, I have a remnant turbo inter cooler charge pip (aluminum) I cut to about 12". I stick it in the opening as an extender to keep the fuel from dripping down the side.  Works well if you don't go full tilt on the nozzle. Today's pump can be high flow as you know and spray shit everywhere.  


Or buy the in the trunk fix Koogle Works sells. 


But what do I know

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Here's what I use.  It's a 1.25" Cantex elbow found in the Home Depot electrical conduit section.  I think about $1.35.  Cut 1" off the narrow end.  That's it.  Works great with CA gas pumps, even in auto fill mode.  No more spilling.



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I cut an E30 filler neck to an appropriate length and use a Porsche 911 filler neck sleeve to hold it tightly within the 02 filler neck. Works well, pump even clicks off in most cases, but can still get some spillage if I don't listen for the rush of fuel towards the neck.

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It's not that complicated 

Just get an ATF funnel big enough to accept the gas  pump nozzle and push the  big shut off ring into it to make the pump run 

Then cut off the long neck of the funnel so that it still has a big enough hole to accept the steel  business end of the pump nozzle and  direct gas in the tank 

The 99 cent store may have one  or go to any auto parts store

 Wish I had one to post a photo   but I currently out of stock

Oh Lord the supply chain issues are maddening


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