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Did/does Lemforder make rocker arms?


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Someone is selling new rocker arms on Ebay and they say they are Lemforder.  But, I didn't think they made rocker arms.  Am I mistaken? Seems to have the Lemforder logo on the rocker arm.  Do you think they would be comparable to the Febi arms?



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They did at one point.... last I personally saw them new was 6-7 years ago.


    However, if you opt for them (or febi) polish out those stress risers.  They weren't any better or worse than febi (but bear in mind that Febi's varied slightly per production batches so it's a not a straight comparison).


  The M10/M30&M20 rocker rabbit hole is deep, you have been warned.

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I can guarantee that the engineer who calculated the FOS on these rockers did not anticipate some goon putting the identification stamps right on this highly-stressed area of the rockers.


It's one easily garage-mitigated reason why these&febi rockers like to snappy snap right there.



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