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Questions about BWA Sportstar wheels 5.5 x 13 ET20

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I picked up these wheels off Craigslist and am mulling having them refinished. Before I go too far down that road, I am wondering about the offset. I know 20 is not ideal, but how unideal?  I currently have 6 x 13  ET31 wheels with 185/70 tires on my stock suspension ‘74. I am wondering if I would notice a difference in handling, I suspect not. (Strictly street use.) Any thoughts on best tire size?  Also, it looks like the original paint—were they a flat battleship grey with black lug wells, if you recall?  Thanks!  Tom



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Those are very nice wheels, and they should fit your 02 really well. The ET20 offset is pretty good. The finned BMW alloys from the 320i, which many people use on their 02s are ET18, and they fit just fine. At ET20, you have an additional 2mm clearance between the tire and the fender lip.


The ideal and recommended tire size for the 5 1/2" x 13" wheels is 185/70 x 13. This is the what the 320i was equipped with. You could also use the 205/60 x 13" on the 5 1/2"  x 13' wheels, but it is not ideal. The 6" x 13" wheels are better suited for the 205/60 x 13" tires. Those tires though are 1/2" shorter which translated to a 3% speedo error. I run 205/60 x 13" tires on my 5 1/2" x 13' wheels, but I would recommend the 185/70 x 13 tires. It's a perfect fit and no speedo error.

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