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How to remove gauge cluster rings


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If you're talking about the visual rings on the outside surface,

they're painted onto the plastic.


Remember, the 2002 is BMW trying to build an upscale VW Bug.


The lock rings for the glass do remove from behind as John describes.




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To enunciate what Toby and John have said.


To remove the gauge cluster trim rings on the silver dollar and other cluster w/o the later front overlay panel:

1) The each glass piece is held in by the inner-bevel/metal-lock-rings that are essentially "wedged in" in a couple spots.  Tap them counter-clockwise with some punch/screwdriver from the sides.  They'll "pop" loose.

2) Remove glass.  They'll simply drop out.

3) "Pinch" the plastic trim ring tabs simultaneously and push outward.  As toby said. they are painted as a unit with the face, so be gentle removing them.  I've done 4-5 clusters at this point, and have had tabs snap on a couple of them.


*Note that refinishing process on the plastic rings can be very tricky, DO NOT over abrade the surface trying to remove the existing finish as the plastic will get marred.  There's simply a fine line you must find.


In short, a lot of this is done by feel.  Very "goldi-locks"-ish.


M20 Triple weber build x2 - Page 12 - Project Blogs - Archive - BMW 2002 FAQ


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