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Weather seal repair

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Had a mishap on the first weather seal I tried to install.  In my inexperience, I put a tear at the top corner of the OEM passenger door weather seal, nearly in two, but still together by a little bit.  Tried to replace the seal but currently the supply of these are not to be had due to the COVID shipping issues.  I would consider using one of the improved URO's but it appears these too are not to be found.


Since I successfully got the driver's door installed, I am now an experienced weather seal installer!  So, I thought I would install the damaged one for now and redo it once the supply chain opens up.  What I need is an adhesive for the split seat that can help hold this together.  Any suggestons?

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Gorilla Glue - available at your neighborhood Home Depot. When the sole of one of my running shoes separated from the shoe in the front, I applied a conservative amount Gorilla Glue to the split and allowed the pieces to adhere overnight. The next morning, I was running in the shoes again.


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