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Considering 1602 purchase...

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(reposted from tii discussion group)



am new here.  I’m considering purchasing this 1602. (link below)
does anyone know anything about this vehicle or might you have any thoughts?

it’s in St Louis. 
thank you 




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@Funkystuf  Welcome to the FAQ site...  a treasure for '02 enthusiasts.  Some of us hold back from giving strong buying advice because it is hard to keep our preferences out of the mix.  But given that, the big question for you is does it check all your boxes in what you want?  Some of us like the chase for parts and doing mods/restoration on our cars as part of the experience and enjoyment.  This one seems ready to just go drive and enjoy.


The rarity/provenance of an early 1602 doesn't carry much value as the base of a heavily modified car.  As such you have the whole production year span available to you for a restomod.   With a little buying patience you should find other examples that may grab you even more and at a lower price point.  Use the 'Cars for Sale' section here, local clubs, fleaBay, Facebook groups, and yes even BAT, to sort out the market.     Best of luck with your search and acquisition of what is a great ride for you!!

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I waded thru most of the pics, here's my reaction for what its worth:

Oh my God! They painted every bit of exposed chrome! Door handles, taillights, everything except the front kidney grille. It was probably the only piece left with decent chrome.

That and combination of the riveted/ non faired air dam gives this car an unfinished , industrial look I dont care for at all.


Not much left on there from the 1602...


Silly car flipper price

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Not only is it overpriced, but short cuts were also used during the build. For example, The rubber gaskets for the windshield and rear glass do not appear to have been replaced. And, even if replaced, why didn't they use new chrome strip inserts ? Furthermore, all the chrome was painted black. It was probably faded, so they just painted it. It could have been replaced or polished.


The car is really a Frankenstein of mismatched parts from later years. They installed a 12V wiring harness from a later post - 72 car with 12 fuse box. They could have used a earlier 6 fuse 12V harness.  In the description there are a lot of the gimmicks and  catch phrases associated with the new jingoism surrounding these cars, beware of this.


There is little left on this car associated with the unique character of the early 1966-67 1600-2,  if that is what you are looking for. I personally wouldn't pay 5K for this car, nor would I trust this build which resembles a toy "Hotwheel".  


There are a lot of peddlers who are opportunistically attempting to take advantage of people. It's as if we're in the midst of a "Gold Rush". Take your time and look around. Do your research before jumping into this. And, ask yourself what you are looking for in one of these cars. If you have this kind of money to spend, you can get a very nice 02 for 1/3rd - 1/2 of this asking price. 


I have 40 years experience driving, maintaining and building these cars. And, I hate to see people being "Bamboozled". 


- Milo



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That's A LOT of money for that car. You could buy a clean, stock 2002, add a 5 speed, limited slip diff, upgrade the suspension and still be below $55k and have a really fun car. Way below if you do the work yourself. Unless you really like the look, and they could hugely discount that price then I'd look elsewhere.  I personally think it looks pretty good, but it's definitely not a purist's car.


If you do continue to look at the car, look closely at the common rust areas. That beige undercoat might be hiding rust. I see some discoloration that is hard to clock as dirt or something more sinister. Keep in mind that these cars are rust prone and sunroof cars even more so. My car is a rust bucket and while I am still having fun with the car and I don't regret the purchase, it's the one thing that is taking up a lot of mental space for me when I consider whether or not to continue working on the car or getting rid of it. 

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1 hour ago, Tommy said:

I read the comments here, then looked the pictures and thought it isn't that bad, should see in person. BUT then I saw the price tag!

Yes, it's OK if you're into all the "Upgrades", but it could have been executed better. Taking a rattle can to everything including the chrome ? That's just too much. It looks like a toy. And, then asking that much money for it and hoping that some unsuspecting new-comer with $$ take the bait ? 

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Two red flags: 

  1. how well were all the modifications to this car--both mechanically and cosmetically--carried out
  2. The price (and to footstomp)  The price!


Members of the porcine family, and tubes of red waxy stuff beloved by young girls are getting closer and closer on this car.  Pretty soon they'll come together.



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1 hour ago, Leucadian said:

Why blue?

They didn't past the first line of the song??


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