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Acquired a side mirror but without the hardware.....what now


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10 minutes ago, Dawskip said:

Like the title says I got a swan mirror for the low but it didnt come with any hardware, gasket, bracket, etc.


is this thing useless basically? Does anyone reman. these parts?


It'll be as useless as you are .... meaning if you are not useless, then it won't be!


Figure out a temporary gasket from a sheet of rubber, pick up some hardware, make a mounting plate .... and Steve's your uncle.  There was a great thread on this fairly recently if you search for it.   


Esty, swannecks don't use the later mounting bracket.  





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Swan neck mirrors mount directly to the car's body via a pair of captive nuts--the same ones that are used on the later mirrors' mounts.  They use a 5x.9mm machine screw--both should still be available through Blunt, Max or one of the other suppliers.   Oddly enough, the mounting gasket isn't even shown as a spare part in the parts manual--no part number.    You can simply cut out a piece of rubber gasket to serve as one.   I think someone of the FAQ was looking into 3D printing new gaskets for these mirrors.  




PS--unlike the later mirrors, the swan neck mirrors aren't handed and can be used on either side of the car.

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