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Shift Knob Buzzing


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Pin on Cool Shift Knobs


c.d. posted a shift linkage diagram that he marked up to show the bits that eventually wear out.  I'm guessing your buzzing has to do with one/some of those.  A little more pressure up on the foam disc against the tunnel might dampen vibration.  Buzzing at the rubber knob itself seems unlikely.  The "top hat" bushings are plastic and once they wear, there'll be metal to metal contact there.  That could get noisy, as it gets sloppy.  Tom



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I think it makes sense to troubleshoot it from the top down.


As Esty mentions, if it is the shift knob, it should be easy to fix; I would remove the knob and see if it still buzzes.


If it does, either the knob is not tightly screwed/pressed, or if you have a knob with a removable medallion, the medallion has come unglued and it's rattling on the knob (happened to me with an IE knob)


 I also had an issue with the circlip that holds the upper shifter lever to the lower part coming off (this is the circlip below the lower rubber bushing in Tom's diagram above), and then the washer (below the rubber bushing) falling down and rattling

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