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123 ignition bluetooth stopped working with IOS

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After 3 years of flawless operation and tuning on my different race engine configurations, my 123 Ignition distributor stopped communicating with my ipad during a race. Now I can't get it to bluetooth connect at all to any of my IOS devices. I've reinstalled the phone app - i've done the 123 unit reset. The unit has power - blue light is on and blinks occasionally. The apps under device just have a spinning wheel and never connect now. Anyone have any other ideas?


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Ray posted a picture a while back of the construction of the bluetooth version.


As you said 'race', I'd suggest popping the cap and

taking a look to see where that bluetooth sub- board's currently at.


Because my race car can vibrate all SORTS of solidly- secured things right off the engine

(the alternator, once, the starter twice, the headers regularly, the temperature sender... well, you get the idea)


and the picture Ray posted had the bluetooth board held in place by solder bridges across pcb traces.



not a structural engineer even on the internet.



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