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Wiring Confusion Converting Behr A/C with Modern Components


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Well for some reason all the text I included in the message was lost.

Confusion is with marrying the original Behr wiring with the Vintage Air and Cold Hose components from Ocala, Fl.

I have the new Sanden Compressor, Parallel flow condenser, with fan, receiver drier, Trinary Switch all hooked up.

The confusion comes with the original Behr wiring.

The relay shown in the photo I'm assuming is the heater blower motor relay. Question is where does the 2 green wires connect and where does the relay mount.

Also the Behr Black harness is connected to the behr unit but I have multiple spade connectors with no where to go.

I have included the Vintage air wiring diagram as well as the Behr Wiring as supplied with the installation instructions.


I have to assume that part of my problem is that this Behr unit was taken from a previous 02 that I sold a few years ago and it had the Mclardy AC installed. It was butchered so it went in the trash.


Any help would be appreciated as this has been a 3 year project that I'm trying to complete.

Thanks in Advance

Glenn 73 2002


OBTW I have an original service manual and for the life of me I can't find a good wiring diagram for a US 2002.

The Ireland schematic isn't even close as it is more for a later vehicle.

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The confusing part of a Behr A/C unit--when properly wired--is that the wiring is such that when you turn the A/C on, the power to the heater blower motor is interrupted, so that both can't be on at the same time.  Neither the Frigikings nor (I think) the Clardy units work that way.  


If you have the Behr wiring diagram handy, you can trace the wire back from the original Behr A/C switch to the heater and disconnect it so that the heater blower's wiring no longer goes through the A/C blower switch.  The following is from a column I did on troubleshooting this problem--a heater blower that suddenly didn't work--after the A/C blower switch was changed--with the wrong switch, as it turned out:


     I (my friend Dene, whose car we were troubleshooting)  even installed the switch I found in a junkyard Bavaria to replace the old, partially fried switch.”  Red flags immediately went up and waved vigorously. 

I disconnected the A/C switch from its wiring harness plug. The harness had four wires leading to four sockets, but the switch only had three male connectors.  Bingo! The absent connector completed the heater blower circuit when the A/C switch was off, thus allowing it to operate.  No connector, no contact; thus no heater blower.  Time to find the correct switch.  

      We both learned important lessons:  for Dene, it was “nearly identical” doesn’t always work, especially with things electrical.  And I learned to ask more questions before launching into my check everything troubleshooting mode.




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Thanks for the info, I did find the location for the heater blower motor relay wires. There are 2 that need a home. Per the original instructions I needed to pull the green with the brown tracer off the original blower motor wiring and connect the two left over wires from the harness. So far so good. This is shown in the original Behr instructions as cryptic as they are!

Now I'm looking for a home for the black wire harness shown in the photo's.



73 02

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