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Install engine update 3


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I can only get the gap to 1.5 inches between the engine and the transmission. Have rechecked the alignment very closely. I fabricated my own tool and it was very tight. 
at 1.5 inches, has the clutch plate reached the splines of the output shaft?

what a job!!

thanks, PeterCS 


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2 hours ago, HBChris said:

I use two long bolts to pull them together.

I tnink its a bit late for that. If the gap isn't even, the shaft end may not be lined up with the pilot bushing hole. You need to change the angle by lowering front of tranny and/or raising nose of engine. You might be able to get guide bolts in then. Nothing like that satisfying "clonk" of a successful mating. So to speak.

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The slightest burr in the input shaft end can keep those splines from slipping into the clutch pressure plate.  Ask my file how I know.  My tranny was stuck in the same place till I figured out that was it.

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The dreaded last inch.  It may appear that the engine needs to be lifted at the front to make the gap between the block and transmission equal all round but it is also necessary to raise the rear of the tranny.  


You must consider a couple of things 1) getting the bellhousing past the center link, and 2) the gearshift base proximity to the hole in the tunnel must be very close. Aligning the engine and tranny as close as possible to their final position will greatly increase your chances of a quicker mating, IMHO.


IIRC, one half inch gap all round should be enough to allow you to turn the output shaft of the transmission while in gear so that the input splines rotate to line up and push the transmission forward the last half inch.


I hope some of that helps.

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