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Sound deadening

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Ive almost(finally) reach a point where im going to put some sound deadening, and eventually a carpet back into my car. Would like to know everyones recommendations on brand, thickness, anything else i should know.


Also once i put it down how hard is it to take back up should i need to?

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Yup.  There are a ton of old threads on this topic in the archives, if you want to read up while waiting for replies. 


Removing the modern sound dampening sheets would be an awful job.  The hard old tar mats were bad enough. 


I've typed this before, but I kept it to a minimum when I installed some and only put it on the firewall and on top of the plugs in the floor pans.  Stuffing pillows under the back seat helps reduce differential noise.  It is common practice to plaster the entire floor pan with the stuff... then complain that the exhaust is too quiet.  :D 


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4 hours ago, '76mintgrün'02 said:

Stuffing pillows under the back seat helps reduce differential noise. 

For under the back seat (when empty, a wonderful echo box!) I've used chunks of styrofoam packing and even heavy plastic bags full of styrofoam peanuts.  Neither will absorb water in case you have an unknown leak, and they make great sound deadening.  And...it keeps plastic out of the landfills.



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I used this stuff on my samurai recently and was impressed. I brushed it on rather than spray but I prefer it over the stick on sheets that I used on my 2002. This is supposed to offer thermal insulation as well but I haven’t had a chance to test that claim yet. I used it on the interior but it can be used as undercoating too. 


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Just sprayed Lizardskin sound barrier in a 2002 that I am restoring for a fellow     Have done the route with dynamatt, this was far less tedious and was able to get into areas that I would not do with the matt    Still putting the car together so I don't know how well it will perform    Looks very good


Thanks, Rick





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I would stay away from stuff like Dynamat, which is nearly impossible to remove. Some people plaster it liberally all over the place. While it works for sound deadening, It will get in the way when, for example, working on the door, door windows and regulating mechanisms. The factory used a similar material, but only on a rectangular area inside the door skin, over the floor grain plugs and on the inside of the quarter panels.


If you are worried that much about noise, you should consider driving a quieter car. This is the same case with the 911. All the new customers were complaining about noise, comfort etc. and they no longer have a real air cooled 911, but some new water cooled car with the same shape. Porsche also built that big boat for those who want to drive a "Porsche" while sitting in the comfort of their "Lazy-Boy" chair.


Dynamat also ads weight. Just the factory applied sound deadening, when removed and placed in a bucket, probably weighs about 50lbs. So, what's 50lbs ? you may ask. Well, 50lbs. here +30 lbs there + 20lbs somewhere else and you've added 100lbs without even taking notice. Add another 200lbs. and you've got a pretty noticeable performance difference, and even more so if you drive a 1600 which feels every additional pound added. 


A lot of people are running 14" and 15" wheels and tires which add considerable weight where you least want weight added to unsprung weight. Like our society many trends related to 02s result in obesity. Most 02s are overweight in comparison to when they left the factory. What's the point of building a high performance motor etc. if you also add 200lbs to the car. You might as well have left everything stock. 


Even the 320i 5 speed overdrive adds weight. It is heavier than the 4 speed. If you ever worked on these cars and installed one, you know well what I'm talking about. 


It's time to go on a diet, forget about all the sound deadening. If you drive an 02 and can barely hear yourself talk at highway speeds, you're doing well. That's part of the 02 experience. You're part of the "Machine". 

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7 hours ago, Autostrada said:

If you are worried that much about noise, you should consider driving a quieter car.

You are welcome to your opinion, but you are not going to convince people who want less noise in an 02 they should just "forget about all the sound deadening." The OP came here for advice on sound deadening in an 02, not a lecture about the propriety of his desire for same.

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All great responses, Autostrada the car isnt a race car so itll be getting sound deadening factory stuff was removed to repair some floorpan issues. 


Most of you confirmed my concern of removing it after i install...ill just make sure i complete any work necessary prior to install

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