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Bavaria at Salvage Yard in LA

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Not an "02", but it appears to be a "Bavaria" four door sedan, wrongly listed as a "2000Ti".


It's at the self service Pick Your Part salvage yard in the San Fernando Valley.

Not one of the better ones I've seen over the years, but still has many good parts at dirt cheap price.





The prices have more than tripled in regards to some of the items since I last frequented the yards 20-30 years ago. 

But, some of the items are still pretty cheap. 


Price List:






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Sorry for the horrendous photos, but since the topic came up. Snapped these today near home.  Not sure if it moves under it's own power,  has been parked for a few weeks. Excellent to see one kind of on the road, been a long time.






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A Good Thing from a Bavaria parts car--if you have a '72 or 73 '02--is the wiper speed control and wiper relay.  Bavarias had an intermittent setting in addition to low and high speeds, and that was controlled by the dash switch.  Back in the day, BMW had a retro-fit kit for 72 and 73 2002s with the parts and wiring harness to fit an intermittent speed to the wipers.  The kit is long since NLA; the 7 terminal wiper relay is on all E21s and early 5ers, but that three position dash switch is only found on Bavarias and E3/E9 coupes.  Definitely worth snagging off that Bavaria parts car.  Even if you don't have a 72 or 73 '02, it's good trading material.  


Back in 1987 it took me over a year of looking to find a Bavaria in a salvage yard to snag that switch.




PS--I have the wiring diagram to convert a 72/73 to 3 speed wipers...PM me for a copy.

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2 hours ago, Gordon said:

Almost 20 years ago , I scored a set of E21 Recaro's at a pik-a-part yard in Sun Valley for $75/seat.  I had them recovered to match the  tan interior in my 74 tii.  Those days are long gone,  I can't remember the last time I saw a E21 in a salvage yard.  

During the early to mid-90s I picked-up a set of Recaros from an e21 at a Sun Valley salvage yard for less than $40. The yards didn't differentiate between the seats. Well, they did make a distinction between a bench seat and single seats. That's about it. U-Pick Part, just down the street from Pick-A -Part was slightly cheaper. I still remember some of the prices.


Complete car with salvage title = $500

Cylinder head for four cylinder motor = $36

Long Block Motor = $125

5 speed transmission = $100

4 speed transmission = $75

Limited Slip diff = $75

Open Diff = $50

Complete door with all guts and glass etc. = $25

Master brake cylinder = $12

Brake booster= $14

Dash pads = $12 each

Instrument cluster with all instruments = $15

Blinker = $2.00

Mirror such as a swan neck mirror = $4.00

etc. etc. etc.


During the mid-late 90s e21s littred the yards. At any one time you can find about ten of them at each yard.

I would find up to five 1600s and 2002s and a single NK at each yard during any given time.


It's where I encountered the first 66 1600-2s, complete and in decent shape. I found one of the cleanest 1968 1600-2s at Pick Your Part. I remember staring at the crisp body lines, including the one at mid nose panel which often gets smeared. The car had no dents or cancer. The Manilla paint was just faded to a chalk finish. It had the dark brown and black interior. The manager at the yard told me "$500 and it's yours". It obviously belonged to someone who took good care of the car. Maybe they passed away and the family just sold the car to the yard for $100, because that is what they offered for cars. I wonder what happened to that car ? It most likely got crushed as the yard only kept the cars around for a couple of weeks before sending them to the crusher. Cars like that are selling for $20K in running shape these days. Now, some of the newcomers are asking $200- $300 for a swan neck mirror on their websites.  And, a NK era or very early 66-67 10 slat kidney grille in used condition is going for $300 +. These things were $5 / each at the yards.  Classic BMWs , like Porsches, are gaining a following where only those with $$ can claim them as "exclusive" collector cars. The 356 went in that direction 25 years ago. And, now the 02 is well on the way.  


Yep, those days are long gone.

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20 hours ago, MOESPEED2002 said:

The sky is falling, the sky is falling!!



You know,


I live a mere four miles from those yards. And, during the 90s it was pretty exciting going there and finding parts. At least, it was for me, especially when coming across the really cool stuff like an 1800ti or 2000ti, complete with the carbs etc. 


Sometimes there was a group of us waiting as they brought in cars on forklifts into the rows. The sky felt like it really was falling when the forklift operator was carrying something like a 67 1600, 1800ti or 2000ti and I knew I would be the first to get to it. I never really wanted to take parts off the car, What I really wanted was to save it by purchasing and storing it somewhere. But, I simply didn't have the resources to do so. I wish somebody would have saved them. The 66 2000ti was one of my favorites as it still had the vertical tail lights and trunk lid of the 1800. I saw one of those there as well. I really regret not grabbing the steering wheels and those vertical lights off those cars. But, I didn't have a NK. The steering wheels cost a mere $6-$8 / each. What does one pay for a NK steering wheel these days ?


By that time the Porsche 911s , 912s and 356s could no longer be found at these yards as they were scooped up by the Porsche specialty yards. But, there were plenty of 914s The Fiat 124 Spiders were also all over the yards as were the mini 850 spiders.  And then there was the occasional Volvo P1800 or a BMW 320-6. That's the first place I inspected a 320-6 with its four barrel carburetor. I first thought it was some kind of a kit. That car just sat there for 2-3 weeks and nobody took anything off of it. It went to the crusher, complete. They had a crusher at the yard which would crush the cars into a cube or rectangle; "Industrial Art" I guess. And, then off they went to the scrap dealers who sold them to places like Japan. 


On one ocassion I found two 67 1600s , complete and sitting next to each other. One had a sunroof, which I thought was really rare for a 67. That sunroof car was very solid. 


There was a guy who walked around with a large sports bag, and he would just grab all the blinkers and tail lights off the classic cars. They were only $2 / each.  Getting there before these vultures was part of the game. 


And, then there  were the guys sent by the local BMW mechanics and specialty shops. Where do you think they obtained all the limited slip diffs and 240/5 gearboxes ? not  to mention the spare heads. A factory replacement head with full meat was always on top of the menu as it still is today. The only difference was that it was only $36. I believe it was $35, but they always charged an extra buck for the valve cover. Yep ! just a buck. A that includes a vintage NK era or 66-67 1600 valve cover.  Look what they are asking for those valve covers now ?  


The detail about the blinker switch provided by Mike is really good info. There are probably a lot of other parts off Bavaria's shared by 02s. This is the type of info or feedback one would often get from other pickers. For example, I found that an old 60s vintage Mercedes used a slightly longer, but otherwise identical choke cable as an 02. This cable is very useful when using a 32/36 with manual choke as the stock cable is a bit too short. These German choke cables are well designed, notched and with a spring which prevents the cable from moving on its own from any set position. The aftermarket cables they sell are inferior garbage. The cable at the yard was only $2.


Some of you guys can laugh at me, but I bet if you had a chance to find those parts  at the yards and at those prices, today, many of you would race there and even take a day or two off work, if you had to.


So, Yes ! the sky was falling !




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