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SOLD Obi-Wan, you're this 76's only hope

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Price: $1
Location: Federal Way, WA 98023



"OBI-WAN (aka bmw2002faq members), you are this 76's only hope!"

I need to sell this little guy as much as I have come to love him.  There's a new project on the horizon and I only have so much garage.  Wife wants a tear drop camper.  Happy wife, happy life. 

So: Roll the 2002 out of the garage, put a denver boot on it and start next project. 

I wish.  I can't do that.

Happy HOA, no nastygrams in my inbox:  RVs, project cars, etc are great as long as they remain safely hidden in your garage.

So I need to sell it.

I tried:

  • Craigslist - scammers all day every day, not much else
  • OfferUp - Lots of "Is it still available", "Will you sell it for the price of a spare tire?" and "Do you want to trade it for my grandma?"
  • EBay - a zillion WATCHERS, few bidders
  • Facebook - Opinions are like you know whats and there's WAY too many of them (FB marketplace please ESAD)


Anybody want it?   You guys most know what I did to this thing good, bad and otherwise.  (Mechanically I'm a duffer and autobody... well lets just not go there.  lol.)

This is what I bought a year or so ago:


and this is what I did to it:

I replaced all the bits I could: hood & grill (used from Henry), front fenders (new from Wallothnesch), doors & trunk (used from Patrick@Midnight), carpets (new from Esty), seats (used) and door panels (new from TurtleLabs).   I added a switched dual USB to the dash.  Repaired surface rust* with ospho & por15 where I couldn't replace the metal.  Did some bad bondo-ing in a couple places (I have Essential Tremor.  Sorry, pretty is beyond me.  Hands shake too much.  So always just shooting for functional). Painted it (not well, but functionally).   Videos of it running both directly out of BIll's shop in Sonoma, CA (after which he drove it 700+ miles to me) here:


 and here last weekend (apologies for my shakes, I had no copilot):

I'd love to get $7500 out of it. 🙏

Regarding the * above, some additional informational pictures follow with comments:











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