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Set of 4 Pistons 89.97mm E12 Tii

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The largest set of stock pistons I have are 89.47, so no luck there. 

The forged pistons I have are “40 over” I’m unclear on how that measurement is taken and how that translates to MMs. I’m not the one that bought them new so I’m missing some of the information on them, but I have some measurements incase they help you with anything. I’m not sure how to interpret them as far as what compression ratio they’re designed for. 

The raised “piano” section is approximately .313” or 7.95mm

Center of the wrist pin to top edge is approximately 1.963” or 49.86mm.

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I found the attached guide.  See if that helps you.  The 40 over means it's 1mm larger than stock, which is exactly what I'm looking for.  Your measurements seem high for 9.5:1 compression ratio which means they might be 10.1 or higher, which is too high for me. What brand are the pistons? Are they new or used?


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