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Price: $200
Location: Pittsburgh, PA


Nice Cromodora center caps.  Re-pops in silver metal are available elsewhere at a slightly better price.  Note that one of the caps has a little “o” in the “M” of CROMODORA.  In addition, all of some slight scratching of the surface.  The lower left cap in the image is slightly cloudier than the others due to this.  But it is all quite plainly visible in the photos.  Thanks for looking!  Price is $200 plus shipping.


Regards, John





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I got out my calipers.  Hope this helps.


1.  The outside diameter of the front of the cap at its widest part is 55mm.  This is the part visible when looking at the cap from the street.


2.  The back of the cap at it widest part is slightly more than 44mm.  This is a lip that runs the circumference of the back of the cap and, once pressed into the center hole of the wheel, is “trapped” into place for security.


3.  The “barrel” at the back of the cap (after the lip) is 43mm.  The circumference of the barrel is such that it likely does not make contact with the center hole of the wheels.  Instead, it is the lip described in 2 above that creates an interference fit.  The barrel and lip have six slots in them to create tabs so that the barrel and lip compress as the cap is pressed into the center hole.


Regards, John

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