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What is registration cost for The Vintage? Who's going?


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I know the reg is capped/closed for this year's event. My weekend just free'd up, I've never been but always wanted to go, and a golden ticket just became available from someone who can't make it! But with the official event registration closed and the original purchaser having bought it well over a year ago, we're not sure of the fair market value...


I'm super excited to finally be able to make it -- will be driving down from Minneapolis likely leaving early Wed morning.


Who else is going?

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IIRC the registration for 2020 was $49, and those carried over to the 2020 delay and the 2021 delays.  I think there's a list of registrants on the Vintage web site.


FWIW I'm planning to attend, along with several other folks from SW OH.  As I previously posted, we have a caravan going down on Thursday, departing from Dayton with joint up points just south of Cincinnati at the I-71/75 KY welcome station, and a second joint up point in Lexington KY.  


If you're interested in joining the caravan, PM me and I'll add you to the list; I'll be sending specific meet-up times later this week.



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On 9/7/2021 at 5:52 PM, Rich said:

Otto, I am on the other end, I have a room reserved at the Roosevelt for Friday and Saturday night but I can not go, if you are looking for a room let me know, thanks, Richard

Thanks Rich! I don’t have lodging figured out yet but will most likely be in Asheville Thursday and Friday, and not Saturday, so not a good fit.


Response to other comments:


I shouldn’t have said “fair market value” on a collector car enthusiast forum 😜. I really just wanted to know what the ticket price is. It’s $49 by the way, which I paid.


I don’t “what I get” for that, in that I haven’t been to this event before, but have trekked multiple times to Midwest and it was awesome and have wanted to make this one but timing has worked out previously. Given that it’s capped # of entries, I’m stoked to get a spot and enjoy the ride (from Minneapolis :).

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Heading out tomorrow afternoon for The Vintage. 675 miles Michigan to Asheville.

Cheating a bit going to tow it down.  If by myself would drive it but S/O was very concerned and hinted towards a truck.

She never says a world about my cars so no problem plus three people gets pretty crowded.

I mean a 49 year old car two 64 year olds and a child with a disability,   what could go wrong.😊

Hope the weather holds off.



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First legs of the road trip have been super fun! Drove to Milwaukee on two-laners only on day one. Ferry to Muskegon, a detour through Ann Arbor to see UM and how much it's changed in 30 years, then two laners through Ohio to Dayton for a day of rest at my sister's. 








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