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Favorite 02 color

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51 minutes ago, AceAndrew said:

fun sporty cars ... therefore they should be fun sporty colors

I vote for this as the correct answer! I've always been glad that the 2002 was offered in so MANY great colors! And while there's a few really great darker colors (Malaga, Jade, Atlantik, Baikal, and Tundra to name a few), I think they work better on the larger E9s, and prefer the brighter tones on the 2002.  Mint is my personal favorite, though I admit it was a tough call to pick from the final 3 greens (Mint vs. Turkis vs. Taiga).  I also love both Inka and Colorado pretty much equally, and Fjord is my favorite of the blues.  And while I like both Golf and Verona just fine, I always thought there was a small gap in the lineup of yellows and reds, with nothing that really 'popped' like Inka there.


But yeah, final answer is still Mintgruen!!!

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